Rocky Wins Best Picture: 1977 Oscars

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Jack Nicholson presents the Best Picture Oscar for Rocky to producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff at the 49th Annual Academy Awards.

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  1. Meka Говорит

    Sylvester Stallone wrote Rocky, to those who don’t know.

    1. mina vamp Говорит

      yes he wrote this original screenplay

    2. Huang lee Говорит

      @Jo Swanell irrelevant

    3. entertained hub Говорит

      Even wrestling choreography was done by Sylvester Stallone

    4. Jilly PurpleFairy. Говорит

      @Nathan Dust 💀💀

    5. War Pig Говорит

      @Mauricio Fortunatto Rocky and Chuck Wepner have practically zero in common. Chuck Wepner was a ranked contender that had previously fought George Foreman and Sonny Liston. Chuck had just come off 11 professional victories in a row and was chosen to fight Ali because he was a highly ranked contender on the rise.

      The only similarities between him and the movie are that Apollo Creed is a lot like Muhammed Ali and that Chuck Wepner took a severe beating but almost went the distance. Other than that, there is nothing whatsoever in common.

  2. Jason Orteezyyy Говорит

    Producers — Stallone, We’ll give you 25k for your script and we’ll cast someone else
    Stallone — no
    Producers — ok 50k
    Stallone looks at his wallet, he hasn’t a dime to his name.
    Stallone — no
    Producers — ok 100k
    Stallone almost giving in
    Stallone — no I want to be the main character to my own story and I’m not selling my script.

    Stick to what you believe in, and opportunities will follow

    1. Lam Pham Говорит

      He didnt choose to become rick, he choose to become rick and the legend.

    2. Rabbit Говорит

      Wow 🤩

    3. Constantine MK Говорит

      @loganhunterMusic yeah, but I think he only did 1 softporn for the sake of the movie [Rocky] AFTER they turned him down for acting in it. [if I’m not mistaken]

    4. Gregory Young Говорит

      The movie was shot in 28 days.

    5. Prerna Singh Говорит

      Tony Robbins bring me here

  3. Sam T Говорит

    damn, that song has to be one of the best scores put to film.

    1. Anthony Saponaro Говорит

      You’re 100 percent ! between this and the theme song to Superman the Movie , in my mind the two best of all time

    2. James C Говорит


    3. CYB3R2K30 Говорит

      @Done with you false. I hate star wars lol

    4. Steve Thompson Говорит

      Done with you , Well played, sir!

    5. Steve Thompson Говорит

      Done with you , I appreciate your opinion, and would have bet my life that would be your rebuttal, but Star Wars is and has always been geared towards a certain demographic, specifically the Sci-Fi crowd, while Rocky was endeared by every age and sex across the spectrum. Gonna Fly Now hit #1 on the Billboard chart while the Theme from Star Wars topped out at #10.
      I’m not saying you’re wrong, they are both amazing, I’m just making a defense.

  4. Jonny Riga Говорит

    Stallone wrote the damn thing, didn’t even want to get up on stage 💪

    1. Largest Classifieds Говорит

      a humble, good man, indeed

    2. Fatt Philosopher Говорит

      lol Looked like he wanted to be on stage to me.

    3. Rosie Azatyan Говорит

      He did an interview on the Oprah show and he didn’t think that he rocky was going to win anything. If he had known he would’ve put his bow tie back on ( anxiety, anxiousness and humidity had him sweating so he took off his bow tie) and maybe wrote something. He didn’t want to go on stage he was pulled towards the stage. If you listen carefully you can here Stallone say “ no I’m good here “ I believe the guy on his right asked or told him to come closer or to exchange places. If you watch him he keeps blinking, looking up and around and almost like he’s outta breath.

  5. Jason Jackson Говорит

    He had to sell his dog in order to buy food for himself. Soon after when he began to make money, he went back & got his dog.

    The heart & soul of a champion, both on & off screen.

    1. Jeshkam Говорит

      @Jaskaran Singh I wouldn’t do that either TBH. I’d rather sell my kidney.

    2. corey adams Говорит

      His dog from the film was his real dog.

    3. james197091 Говорит

      @Ea I have the utmost respect for Sylvester and Dolph……their combined achievements are mind blowing, and they are so humble and such great people in real life too! They have been a huge inspiration to my life in many ways!

    4. Ea Говорит

      @james197091 thats still amazing

  6. Eric Ruiz Говорит

    I love how they drag Sly up there with them.

    1. halloween 5 sucks Говорит

      @BRUCE IS LIFE he had social anxiety then

    2. BRUCE IS LIFE Говорит


  7. Ernest Gamez Говорит

    Sylvester Stallone and his role of Rocky has inspired a lot of people from different generations all over the world. Myself included.

    1. ThatMeanMexican Говорит

      Same here got me back to working out

  8. Leonardo DiCaprio Говорит

    Just think, a little over a year before this Stallone was dirt poor and now winning an academy award for a movie he wrote and starred in. INCREDIBLE

    1. Jilly PurpleFairy. Говорит

      @Boss Nass not almost, he DID

    2. PrincessA Говорит

      And the Rocky franchise goes on

    3. Levi Sullivan Говорит

      @BlueFox94 No, but he got nominated for both Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Only Orson Welles and Charlie Chaplin recieved those two nominations for the same movie before him, so that’s a win.

    4. BlueFox94 Говорит

      Technically, Stallone didn’t win an Oscar.

    5. Levi Sullivan Говорит

      @Topic He also gave the guy he sold him to a part in Rocky.

  9. Alan Martínez Rodríguez Говорит

    It wasn’t Stallone up there receiving the award, that was Rocky. Same attitude, same way of looking.

    1. Jan Alf Говорит

      He didn’t win

    2. Hannibal Burgers Говорит

      @ALBERTO German He was shy as Rocky in the beginning of gis career, sly calls himself a prick about his prime, and became quiet and humble again especially after his tragedy (his son)

    3. Sree Saranyan Говорит

      @Jan Alf his story won,his ambition won,his acting won,his charisma won and yeah yet you’ll say he didn’t win 😉

    4. ALBERTO German Говорит

      Yes. Humble as Rocky

    5. Manuel Orozco Говорит

      Now I see why he’s the People’s Champion

  10. Alex Lipinski Говорит

    This beat a lot of good movies. That’s saying a lot.

    1. Lonnie Born Говорит

      @James Bryan taxi driver is overrated garbage

    2. RD VV Говорит

      Taxi Driver, All the President’s Men and Network are all better movies than Rocky in my humble opinion, but it’s still a deserving win

    3. Thomas Fleming Говорит

      Just shows you don’t need a big budget to tell a good story.

    4. Tourist Q Говорит

      Well your life and your family is overrated garbage too… Enjoy your Michael Bay action flicks, fool.

    5. Lonnie Born Говорит

      @Tourist Q I dont like michael bay try again fool

  11. deraj nitram Говорит

    Back when these awards still meant something.

    1. Santy Arma Говорит

      Taxi Driver is way battee guys

    2. Bruno Говорит

      @Ashley Johnson some people say Rocky didn’t deserve to win at all too.

    3. ASOKAN P Говорит

      @Ashley Johnson People talk bullsit!

    4. Mr. Hernández Говорит

      @Ashley Johnson some people are stupid idiots.

    5. Andru R Говорит

      @Bruno Well there was Taxi Driver

  12. Dominic Carrano Говорит

    The modern Oscars are literally unrecognizable. There’s no political grandstanding here, just great filmmakers and a great actor accepting their award

    1. Sammy Kent Говорит

      @BBB Smith Sod off.

    2. CRAIG SIMS Говорит

      Back when no blacks ever won..

    3. Tximino M Говорит

      Yeah, man, this were THE REAL Oscars, not like that one time Marlon Brandon won best actor and instead of showing up himself he send a native American woman to make a speech about native American rights four years BEFORE this (just to give you an example).

    4. BBB Smith Говорит

      @Sean Sheridan I pity you and your lack of acumen

    5. Sean Sheridan Говорит

      @BBB Smith I pity you. Parasite was the deserved winner and is easily one of the best films of the 21st century, forget the 2010’s

  13. Movie_penguin_7 Говорит

    Damn, is nobody gonna talk about how taxi driver lost to Rocky, mad respect.

    1. Gary Hogue Говорит

      Life is short… so please make sure you spend as much time as possible arguing with strangers on the internet… 🙄

    2. James Bryan Говорит

      @Lam Pham but this isnt an award for most culturally iconic film, it’s for best. Taxi Driver is a far superior film.

    3. Lam Pham Говорит

      @James Bryan Taxi is just classic movie, Rocky is the culture and iconic, the movie which inspired everyone in the world

    4. Philip Pouponneau Говорит

      Rocky is iconic. Taxi driver is cute

    5. Allan Vásquez Говорит

      @WRESTLING GOD. DEATH TO THE SMARKS! you’re talking to me? you’re talking to me?

  14. dan meme Говорит

    «And to all the Rocky’s in the world, I love you». He wrote this for him and everyone else with heart and undying will power. Thank you Sylvester.


      @Levi Sullivan yeah you are right there, if only money then he just sell his script instead.. you know!

    2. Levi Sullivan Говорит

      @Tristan Webb If he had wrote it purely for money, he wouldn’t have fought hard to make sure he was the lead.

    3. Tristan Webb Говорит

      The chump wrote it for money.. To be a champ

  15. Internet Viewer Говорит

    Stallone deserved that. Great movie.

  16. crazy93ist Говорит

    Jack Nicholson could hardly contain his excitement.

    1. The Pop Bubble Говорит

      He was probably pissed because Missouri Breaks, starring him and Brando, was panned the previous year.

    2. Hannibal Burgers Говорит


    3. cc101iscool1 Говорит

      I was expecting a comment like this HAH

    4. vedonna80 Говорит

      @Long Zhang He behaves too indifferent and unexcited. The comment is sarcastic.

    5. NIC-O Говорит

      @Tony Breeden drunk

  17. Ian Gomez Говорит

    Jack nicholson reminds me when joey(friends) was presenting the soapies lmao

    1. MrLio Sevillano Говорит

      Man.. I thought the same thing…LOL

    2. E S Говорит

      You totally made my day 😂

    3. Pamela Salinas Casado Говорит

      I thought the exact same thing while watching it 😂😂

  18. Levi Sullivan Говорит

    I love how Chartoff and Winkler brought Stallone on stage with them. It was as much his victory as it was theirs.

  19. Astern Говорит

    I only just noticed how young sylvester looks so much like paul mccartney in the mid 60s

    1. Manuel Orozco Говорит

      I never realized how young he was back then

  20. Gary Говорит

    And 1 year before that, Stallone lived in the street…

    Eternal respect

    1. Fun Fun Говорит



      @M T yeah that’s his script! wise man sly! rocky

    3. Steven Sclafani Говорит

      @Mark Silverman He also has a funny scene in Woody Allen’s Bananas which was 1971.

    4. loganhunterMusic Говорит

      Well not quite, he had made quite a bit of money doing…other movies.

    5. preving Говорит

      @Tony Esposito They also wanted Burt Reynolds to play the part of Rocky

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