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  1. Rodrigo Tolosa Говорит

    I love the guy that gives a whole acceptance speech and then casually says «we lost btw»

    1. Vxid Говорит

      He was genuinely stressed out lmao

    2. gwu3 Говорит

      the audacity he had to still give a speech and take away time from moonlight when he knew they lost

    3. SOOOHAM PATRA Говорит

      that guy from la la land helped a lot to overcome the situation …..he was standing strong even after that tremendous shock and didnt broke down

    4. Mr. Flicky da-bean Говорит

      @awsumash9 nah i dont think it went down like that . they didnt know

  2. Wes Bradley-Taubner Говорит

    Just remember, Emma Stone is the only actress to ever win best picture even if it was short-lived

    1. Roman Torteli Говорит

      @Abhishek Singh thanks for beating me to it

    2. Youtube Videos Говорит

      also the only winner to never receive an award for their win. crazy… they straight targeting emma… they just ended the night and choose violence. like bruh.

    3. RoyalGecko Говорит

      You know, I didn’t get the joke at first, XD, now I do XD

    4. Christian Loyd Говорит

      Not really

    5. Wes Bradley-Taubner Говорит

      @Christian Loyd when a movie wins Best picture, they say the name of the movie. Here, it said Emma Stone

  3. Genie Hossain Говорит

    Warren: “and the Oscar goes to…”
    Producer sipping wine backstage somewhere probably: “aww here we go, good for Moonlight!”
    Faye: “La La Land!”
    Producer, spitting out his drink, knocking over stagehands and sweating profusely: “shitshitshitSHITSHITSHIT”

    1. therealCamoron Говорит

      Judging that they played the La La Land music, I am not sure how many of the production staff knew the winners in advance.

    2. Vikkor Heel Говорит

      That’s hilarious

    3. Whitney Pyant Говорит

      That basically what happened

    4. R S Говорит

      I imagine all those producers or head production yelling in all crew earphones: «What the hell just happened? Somebody please tell me what the hell just happened» 😂😂😂

    5. SOOOHAM PATRA Говорит

      this small story can also win an oscar

  4. Jdawg25 Говорит

    “I’m gonna be really proud to hand this to my friends at Moonlight.” That is the definition of great sportsmanship.

    1. M. Ernesto Reyes Говорит

      Just the right thing to do

    2. Jeff Freeman Говорит

      @M. Ernesto Reyes Exactly.

    3. maoribrotha53 Говорит


    4. Jeff Freeman Говорит

      @Isaac Arenas We’ve already been through this.

    5. Mr. Flicky da-bean Говорит

      @MediumWriter they gave a whole acceptance speech . yikes .

  5. Albert O. Говорит

    The Academy is real af for uploading the whole thing and not cut out the mistake 😂💯

    1. Bharath Logaraj Говорит

      @cajayson8301 A mess up of this scale does not happen without multiple mistakes. For example, Faye and Warren did not notice that the award said «Best Actress». But I do agree that PwC carries the bulk of the blame.

    2. cajayson8301 Говорит

      @Bharath Logaraj fair enough

    3. vmaniac Говорит

      c l a s s

    4. FN-1701AgentGodzillaRangerPrime Ω Говорит

      I wanna see more of the reactions from the audience

    5. Ronak Khetan Говорит

      @Bharath Logaraj PwC 🙊

  6. Anna Hereford Говорит

    I don’t know why everyone decided to blame Warren Beatty. It wasn’t his fault at all. He didn’t even read out La La Land. Mistakes happen.

    1. epilefissar Говорит

      @RollTide1987 come on… He was supposed to read a card prepared and supervised by the accountants. He clearly saw something was wrong and tried to show his colleague. What did you expect? That they would have stepped in, stopped the show and tried to fix the f***ing accountants mistake? He did what he could on a live TV show watched by millions of people.

    2. Wolf Haley Говорит

      Rachel Zawilski she didn’t know it was wrong either

    3. Wolf Haley Говорит

      fajita huh she didn’t know the card was wrong either

    4. David Stevenson Говорит

      PERIOD—I HAVE DECIDED—I’m at THAT age, la la la__

  7. Anna Hereford Говорит

    It’s such a pity Moonlight didn’t get there moment properly. They TRULY deserved this.

    1. Patrick Moore Говорит

      @Jeepman89 just say your homophobic and stfu ( I’m not saying your homophobic for not liking the movie but bc of your other comments )

    2. Patrick Moore Говорит

      @Jeepman89 you sound like you spend too much time on discord and Reddit lmao

    3. Patrick Moore Говорит

      @Jeepman89 yeah your a film critic just like the teenager with 1k followers on SoundCloud is a rapper😭

  8. ANTI MARK Говорит

    Jimmy Kimmel was the worst…. He ruined the mood, he blamed Warren, he made sneaky comments… Absolutely worst.

    1. Banksy Говорит

      Kimmel did a great job of breaking the tension with a good joke. You need to loosen up and not be always thinking the worst of others.

    2. Patrick Moore Говорит

      @Anthony I think they’re friends

    3. GiantSandles Говорит

      What’d you want him to do lol they just fucked up the biggest part of the ceremony he was clearly trying to smooth it over in the moment with however many millions of people watching

    4. neb Говорит

      Com on next person make Anti Mark a superstar by hitting that 1k like he’s at 999, he just needs 1 more!

    5. Daniel Henrique Говорит

      I think he lighted the mood quite a bit

  9. Genesis V Говорит

    So sad that Warren was blamed for this when he’s the one that realized the mistake 🙁

    1. kyzf Говорит

      In the future they’ll have a sobriety test for awards presenters.

    2. Mario Sanchez Gumiel Говорит

      @Robert F Well said.

    3. luu family Говорит

      the one with the first blame are the accountants from price waterhouse, then the second blame goes to faye dunaway. i mean doesn’t she read what’s in the card? clearly the card said best actress emma stone, la la land. even warren saw that and realized the the mistake and went back into to the envelope to see if there is another card inside, so when he didn’t see any other card, he was looking at faye with confussion, and faye just yanked the card out of him and read the name without reading the card carefully.

    4. Mr. Flicky da-bean Говорит

      He kind of threw her under the bus .

    5. Carlos Pérez Говорит

      Yes! he can’t even speak but Faye like a boss! 😂😂😂😂

  10. Elijah Cassidy Говорит

    La La Land Wins: Here’s too the ones who dream
    Moonlight Wins: To hell with dreams, this is true.

    Two sides of a coin man.

    1. KmiiVC Говорит

      this comment right here. i think the implications behind (not just the context) make it a powerful one

    2. trishaashraf Говорит

      I see what you did there! 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Utter Fool Говорит

    Jimmy Kimmel made this whole situation worse -_-

    1. Ned Allman Говорит

      As always

    2. Patrick Moore Говорит

      Jimmy kimmel is a bum I don’t care how much he is worth he made the oscars annoying to watch two years in a row

    3. John Knight III Говорит

      Obviously Steve Harvey made it worse

    4. Bxbxb 1_ Говорит

      That old man Lauren made it worse but talking about his stupid mistake again

    5. fi Говорит

      no lol, he just made funny jokes

  12. Carl Carlson Говорит

    “And the winner is… Suicide Squad.”

    1. Timo Manuel Говорит

      «aLL My fRIeNdS aRe HeAtHeNs, tAkE iT SlOw»

    2. Fikri Juanda Говорит

      @Hadiyah Hope well, the movies was actually won at Oscar… For best makeup

    3. RSG33 Говорит

      I see what you did there

    4. Hadiyah Hope Говорит

      imagine? 🤣

  13. Afafe Elkasimi Говорит

    I’m telling my kids I was alive when this happened

    1. eastbackbay Говорит

      Until COVID arrived like the after party.

    2. mademoiselle f Говорит

      most underrated comment🤣🤣 this is will be in history

    3. Paul Говорит

      I’m telling my kids this was watergate

  14. rando limbo Говорит

    «they should just keep it anyway»

    shut up jimmy kimmel

    1. Oscar Andria Говорит

      @Lorbishh I’m not saying it was funny or anything, but he did his job, however badly, at trying to leverage the situation. And we all know the attempt failed. It’s not like he’s proud of it. Just let him be is all I’m saying

    2. Lorbishh Говорит

      @Oscar Andria They might develop what we called «humor» soon.

    3. fi Говорит

      it was a joke stfu

    4. Oscar Andria Говорит

      Y’all are forgetting the obvious, he’s a comedian

    5. Mawiteii Chhangte Говорит

      Stfu jimmy

  15. Pedro Говорит

    That guy really thanked his blue eyed wife lmao

    1. markynio Говорит

      Maybe he has two wives and the one who helped the most has blue eyes

    2. Shaheen Shad Говорит

      What blue eyed wife?

    3. Y Говорит

      Blue eyes are superior to brown eyes.

  16. GamerXP3 Говорит

    5:43 that was the most beautiful hug I’ve ever seen in my life 😭😭😭

    1. Hello world 25 Говорит

      The wholesomeness of it is making me cry 😭

    2. Emu Говорит

      That hug was real love.

  17. PIERRE Говорит

    That guy from LaLa Land is a true class act. «Im going to be proud handing this to my friends from Moonlight» Damn…

    1. vmaniac Говорит

      Yea but after he snatch that card from Warren, like he is some kind of piece of sh*t, whis he isn’t and that faux oas wasn’t his fault.

    2. Tammy Martinez Говорит

      He should of got credit as a presenter. He did present moonlight with the award

    3. Miroslav Tomic Говорит

      @Jeepman89 I wasn’t talking specifically about Jordan Horowitz as he wasn’t the only producer of La La Land.

    4. Jeepman89 Говорит

      @Miroslav Tomic I need proof. Remember he was the producer and probably didn’t always hang around the studio.

    5. Miroslav Tomic Говорит

      @Jeepman89 They did become good friends since they spent so much time together filming in same studio.

  18. Geopat Говорит

    I blame the old lady that shouted it out without really reading the card.

    1. Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk Говорит

      @cajayson8301 It clearly was Faye’s fault. She just blurted it out without much thought

    2. Lingard Dinho Говорит

      @cajayson8301 i know the card mix up isnt her fault but she ran away from the stage leaving warren confused

    3. Vxid Говорит

      @Creed Bratton youre a fucking g idiot

    4. gee lanna Говорит

      Someone in the back gave her the wrong card that’s why if you rewind the video you’ll see two red cards on the stage

    5. Geopat Говорит

      @gee lanna Look I’ve had people point this out for the past year. Im not saying Faye caused the mix-up, but it definitely could have avoided being announced between the two of them. It almost is avoided by Warren — he immediately notices the card doesn’t make sense and is hesitant to announce anything. Faye just blurted out the card without thinking, even though Emma Stones name was on it. That’s why I partly blame her.

  19. Invincible Speaker Говорит

    I just want to know why they waited SO DAMN LONG to stop them! They got three speeches off before they fixed the mistake…

    1. petal drops Говорит

      They had to recover the wrong envelope to figured out what happened

  20. ᗰY KITTY ᑭᗴᖇᑕY Говорит

    The “We lost by the way” gets me every time 😂

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